• Acupressure is a massage – applying force with your fingers on specific points on the body.

Deep tissue massage is a stronger pressure applied to the muscle.

• Aromatherapy is a relaxing light massage.

• Yogi massage and manipulation is a passive exercise used to relieve joint and muscle pain.

• Acupuncture is an effectice metod using needles to cure pain, skin disorders lik acne and aeging, immunologic disorders, frequent colds and flu, allergy, is a help to loose weight and quit smoking.

• Magneto therapy is an effective metod to cure pain.

• Vaacum cupping is used for blood stagnation of cronic nature.

• Ear candles are used to clean the inside of the ear. Imprives ciculation of the ear and improves hearing.

• Electro-pulse acupunkture is a help to slim down.

• Acugraph is a computerized device for detecting energy flow in every organ.

– Other health treatments are available.

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