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Our Universe and all life forms are created out of energy and the human body is a mirror of this creation.
Survival of the living body depends on interconvertability of energy into the matter and matter into the energy. Energy is one but we see it as different manifestations. In the human body we sense energy as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual manifestations . The harmonic interchange between giving and receiving energies create feeling of harmony and health. When exchange is disturbed we experience negativity and health problems.

Mans purpose on this earth is not to destroy , but sustain and evolve. Man can understand his purpose only through cultivating awareness of spirituality (or unconditional love ). Unconditional Love is interconvertible – giving and receiving happens as natural outcome of one another. All manifestations of energy that is expressed as unconditional Love will produce natural flow of energy (give and take, in and out ) This creates balance – order – proportion – beauty – health.

Actually science and spirituality are coming closer and closer in opinion. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine acknowledges the meridians and Chi (energy) which flows through our bodies. Scientists from quantum biology, quantum physics, molecular biology, and medical physiology have been diligently researching in order to prove that the human body is regulated by an energy field. It is a scientific fact that all cells, contain tiny electrical energy, We now know that electrical activity is essential for all life and without it there will be no life.
Each cell in our body operates (or resonates) at a very specific frequency. Stress produces erratic vibrations, that leads to disharmony, followed by injury and disease. Therefore, it is clear that the best way to work on stress, disease and aging is to correct the subtle disturbances in the body’s energetic field. The body is an electromagnetic static being with frequency patterns that have self-correcting capabilities. We can use these frequencies to facilitate in the body’s natural being of homeostasis and health.

Vita Fonds II – how does it works?

Vita Fons II products act as batteries , holding in stable suspension homeovitic (similar to Life , Vitality ) energy, active on physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of natures four kingdoms: minerals, plants, animals and humans. It contains a very approximate form of vital energy which resonate with energy of the body and raising vibrational level of the cell. This allow disrupted energy flows to be open up again. By approaching the body system in this way, there seems to be no more reasons for malfunctioning.

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