Find out your energetic body type.
What will be your perfect food choice if your are not suffering from any disease and would like to keep it that way?
To choose wisely you will need to find out your energetic constitution, body type, metabolic power , inherited influences.
People with inherently strong constitution do not need to be as strict with their diet as people with weaker constitution. For people with weaker constitution it may make a lot of difference in how good and long their life will be.
Many traditions emphasize BODY TYPES , recognizing their influence on illness and healing. A brief overview is that each of us is a combination of one or two types : Warm, Cold, Damp, Dry or Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.
The body type is represented by :
How efficient your body burn your food into energy And how good your organs working energetically.
The energetic body type could range from cold, cool , warm, hot. During illness energetic manifestations become unstable and changeable. By recognising the change and addressing it in time you can prevent development of chronic diseases.
Everything in life is comprised of specific energies, so is our food .
If your food is not in balance with your body needs , an imbalance results, manifesting a disease of that energy. For instance , if you are eating too many heating food, over time an illness of internal heat manifest and so on.
Fill out this questionnaire to find out your energetic body type, list of recommended foods items and optimal detox program for your body type.

Questionaire on body type