Questionnaire n.1 Find out you energetic body type.
Include analysis of body type , list of food ingredients to match energetic needs and detox program .

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I will then evaluate your data and you will get e-mail with information about your energetic constitution , your food type preferences and your perfect detox program.

Please note that Questionnaire n.1 is designed for people WITHOUT ANY SERIOUS HEALTH CONDITIONS. If you are interested in correcting medical conditions with food therapy you need to book skype consultation with Harmony Health.

Price for Questionnaire n.1 per person per 1 time (per evaluated questionaire)

Your Full Name (obligatorisk)

Date of birth: day-month-year

Your Email (obligatorisk)

Your Height (in cm)

Your weight (in kg)

Your weight-scale:
very underweightunderweightslightly underweightnormalweightslightly overweightoverweightvery overweight

Normal temperature for your hands:
hotwarmneutralcoldvery cold

Normal temperature for your feet:
hotwarmneutralcoldvery cold

Normal temperature for your body:
hotwarmneutralcoldvery cold

Are you often thirsty for water:
very oftenoftennormalnot oftennever

How does your stool look like:

How frequent is your stool:
1 time dailytwice dailynot every day

How frequent do you normally pee:
1-6 times dailymore than 1-6 times dailyless than 1-6 times daily

Do you like hot summer days:

Do you like to take a swim in cold water:

Which do you prefer:
1 hot cup of tea1 glas of icecold water

How frequent are you physically active:
less than 1-2 times weekly1-2 times weekly3-4 times weekly5-6 times weeklymore than 5-6 times weekly

What is your favourite sport to do?:

How many hours do you need to sleep a day to feel good?:

How do you react to bad news:
with angerwith sadnesswith apathytry to find what can you do about it

Does your body has a strong odours? :

Do you sweat when you're active :
easya littlenot at all

Do you sweat when you're not active:

During winter will you wear much cloth?:

Is you appetite high :

What is most favourite food you like?:

Are you feeling more energetic :

FAre you feeling more tired :

Are you cheerful, joyful:

Yin / Yang body Type:

Do you normaly have cold hands or feets?:

Do you normaly have warm hands or feets:

Do you generally prefer cold winter to hot summer:

Do you generally prefer warm summer to cold winter:

Dry / Damp:

What is your hight

What is your weight

Excessive/ Deficient:

Do you normaly feel energetic:

Do you only ones in a while feel tired:

Do you normaly feel lazy, but not tired:

Do you normaly feel tired:


Do you fall a sleep while you are sitting in a chair or in the car as a passenger:
very oftenoftenNever or only when extreamly tiredEasily when a little tiredOccasionaly even though not tired

Sex Life:

Do you prefer sex to food:
YesNoDon't know

Do you prefer food to sex :
YesNoDon't know

To correct your mood with right diet:

Are you generally cheerful and joyful:

Are you generally Thinking and reasoning:

Are you generally Depressed or sad:

Are you generally Scared or fearful:

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