What is Energy scan?
Body Energy scan is the result of more than 30 years research in bio energetics.
It is health assessment software that sence the vibrational energy of the cells of the human body and identifies biological and energetic distortions that may underline physical and emotional concerns.
Withing 1 min. you will get more than 150 results about the energetic field of the body in anatomically correct and extremely detailed graphical representation that include:
– Major organs and organ systems
– Environmental influences, such as toxins
– Electromagnetic pollution and more
– Vitamins /minerals imbalances
– Musculorskeletal system
– Emotions including traumas and shocks
– Energetic status of all organs and organ systems
– Energetic communication in the body – how your body are connected within

The information from this scan is very useful in understanding of overall health condition and highlighting the root of health issues.