New service in Harmony Health.

Now you can check you health and fitness with us. This includes:
1. Biological age assessment.HW_BioAgeThis test will show you your real biological age, It is indicator of your true age and It can answer the questions about how much benefit you get from your supplements, exercises, diet etc. What works shows in the results.

2. Stress Level assessment. HW_StressMonThis test will show your body regulatory functions, stress level, ability to recover from stress, immune system strength, risk of health problems.

3. Fitness test.HW_FitnessTestThis test will show your response to physical challenges and your current fitness level.

4.Health Snapshot.HW_HealthSnapThis test will provide mean to determine your current functional state of the body and regulatory ability of your body to adapt. Many external and internal factors affect the body function through the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS is responsible for continuous adaptation the body function in response to those factors in order to optimize it. Chronic stressful condition could damage regulatory function and impair body’s ability to adopt.
This test evaluate ANS.

5. Stress SweeperHW_StressSweepStress Sweeper is a training program that provides means to reduce stress.Stress Sweeper uses biofeedback training technique positively affect ANS regulatory functions. Time duration for this training from 5-20 min.

Training sessions to reduce stress with biofeedback training techniques are available.
Clients on anti-aging program get all check-up’s free of charge.

Please contact Harmony Health for more details.