Easy step by step anti-aging program to reverse negative Health conditions

What can you expect from this program?
Dependent on your Health condition upon starting program, it can take from 2 to 5 weeks to see and feel results.

Punctual follow-up of program gives faster results.
- Improvement in energy
- Improved bloodcirculation
- More relaxed mind, more focusing.
- Improves oxygen exchange
- Heals and regenerates damaged tissue (wounds, ulcers)
- Improves the looks of the skin
- Improves fluid-Exchange through the cells for complete detox
- Improved Immunefunction

How anti aging program works.

The purpose of this program is to reverse adverse health conditions, slow down aging and help people live healthy life.
Educational part are available through Internet lessons one time a moth. During lessons i will teach you how to live self sustainable life and be able to use natural ingredient to treat and prevent common health conditions

Anti-aging program is a program that has 2 important parts.

Part 1: health evaluation and creation of diagnose.
Health evaluation are done to collect data about your health conditions and about your environment ,that could influence your health. Energy scan are used to see inside total energetic imbalances in the organs, meridians and mental / emotional health.

TCM differential diagnoses and evaluations are done by collecting data of the physical symptoms manifested in the body. If there is medical diagnosis or tests it is added to evaluation. After taking the picture of total health conditions the treatments plan is the next step.

Part 2: Treatment plan is based on obtain on evaluations from step 1.
It is very individual and could contain change in diet, medical diet that focused on correcting health issues, life-stile adjustments , correcting mental/ emotional conflicts. It can include some therapies for increasing better blood flour, improving oxygen supply to the brain, regulating homeostasis (autonomic nervous system that improving response to daily stress), increasing energy in the cells, support detox of the body on physical and mental levels and many more.

Monitor of the progress is done with special program that take biological age evaluations and stress level evaluation (free for people on anti-aging program) that will be updated weekly.

More information on it’s way.
If you want to know more, please email or phone Olga.