The fast progress of our modern world in technology and science are rather astonishing. What was considered a fairy tale 50 years ago, is now reality of our life. Almost every day we hear about new discoveries and inventions. Interesting fact about our changing world is that conventional treatment for cancer still remain the same as 100 year ago. Radiation, Chemotherapy, Surgery are the main options for cancer. Logically speaking with the amount of new chemo drugs flooding our markets, there should be lesser and lesser cancer cases. But truth is the opposite, cancer has rapidly growing statistics.

The hallmark of Holistic medicine is to maintain immune system to prevent disease. I believe that if ones energy is strong, one can live life without getting sick. Weakness of immune system energy through stress, poor diet, enviromental factors or pollution is the primary cause of serious diseases like cancer. I am treating various cancers using Macrobiotic diet and “Forgotten food diet” that include wild herbal teas and special medical food preparations. The old adage that food is the bodys major defense against disease is my primary therapeutic approach. Herbs then provide extra healing power when taking them regulary.

My approach is effective and inexpensive. On the first consultation I will make evaluation of your health state and connecting your health problem to your environment. This evaluation will be supported by scanning the energy field of your body and aligning the results with your bodys physical complains and manifestations. After first consultation you will be given recommendation where and how to make changes. I will follow up and update you during recovery time.

Former professor of botany, now herbal cancer healer from Malysia Chris Teo said:
Fighting a winning war against cancer is not just taking medicines or herbs alone. That is just one part of the exercise. A proper and right diet and the observance of a healthy lifestyle all combine to make you a winner. You may like to relegate the task of fighting against cancer to the doctor alone, preferring to do nothing to help yourself. If you refuse to provide a helping hand to the healing power within you, who else can?

In alignment with Chris Teo I say “the turning point to your success is your realization that health is your responsibility, and you must institute changes in your life if you desire to live”.