chinese herbs.jpgHarmony Health Center offers a holistic approach to health issues. We believe that health imbalances can be restored by assisting the bodys innate and natural ability to heal.

We can help you to find a better balance with treatments like massage, acupuncture, herbs and diet.

Olga Hentze has been a natural health therapist since 1982. She also passed a certified therapeutical exam in Russia where she also worked as a therapist.

· In 1983 she moved to Westafrica to learn more in natural medicine.

· In 1998 she stood the exam in the British School of Yoga and Food in food- and yogathreatment.

· In 2001 she moved to the Faroe Islands and began to study chinese medicine.

· She began a course on East-West Herbal School in USA (herbal medicine school) in 2002 and recieved the education as a correspondence course.

· In 2007 she began to study in Denmark at the Nordic College of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.

· In 2008 she went to China and attended an extended course in acupuncture and diet and stood the exam. In her practice Olga mixes the different kind of treatments she has learnt during her time as a natural therapist.