First step is to establish your personal pattern to design the right program.

Energy scan is fundamental in obtaining correct data on the energetic performance of bodysystems and organs.
TCM differential diagnosis is essential in creating clear picture of physical manifestations in the body and link it to energetic imbalances.

After evaluation and diagnose I will provide you with a personal plan that you would have to follow in order for you to recover. This plan will be build on data that we obtain from Energy scan and physical evaluations made on observations and will include :

Information about Diet adjustments . Dealing with your food sensitivities, vitamin /mineral deficiency.
2. Medical diet recommendation – which herbs and natural products could be used for healing in your specific case. It is very individual and based on your pattern.

3. Recommendations on protection from environmental sensitivities (if scan will show this data) such as electromagnetic pollution , toxins and chemicals sensitivities.

3. Your mental emotional pattern information related to your illness.

4. Body – mind recommendation.

5. Recommendations on other natural treatments that will benefit and increase positive outcome

You will be very well supported during your recovery program with recommendations, updates and monitoring your progress until your recovery.
To support dynamic change in your body and mind and adjust your program it is advised to have 1 consultation a month for 3 -6 month (depends on the seriousness of condition) for adjustment of initial information.

Every individual person will get an individual treatment. No two people can receive the same treatment.