I started my journey in the holistic field when i was 17 years old. My first education was as a therapeutic massage therapist, in which I graduated from Kherson medical school in Ukraine.

In 1996 I opened my clinic in Western Africa where I worked with people who were suffering from problems such as, musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, body pain etc. In Africa I learned from the local people about their traditional remedies that they were using to cure illnesses.

In 1998 I took a two year practitioner’s course from British School of Yoga in “Nutritional therapy” regarding diet and nutrition, and in parallel I studied a four year “ Yoga Therapist” course. In “Yoga Therapy” I covered subjects of Anatomy and Physiology, nutrition, breath therapy, yogic osteopathy, manipulation and massage, relaxation massage, psychology, mind-consciousness communication, hypnotherapy, and Bio-strata – the states of existence. By incorporating my knowledge with practical experience, and observing results on my patients I developed my own method of treating joints and muscular pain – a method that provides 98% success.

In 2001 I moved to Faroe Islands and opened my clinic there. I continued working in Faroe Islands until 2012.
In 2008 I graduated my four year education with East-West school of Herbology. I covered subjects of Western herbs, Chinese traditional herbal medicine and Chinese medical diet.

In 2007 I joined the Nordic College of Chinese Medicine with Professor Chen Donghui and I took my exam in joint Advanced Acupuncture and Moxibustion course in June 2008.

In 2011 I passed my course of study with NES Health Ltd. where I became a certified NES Health Practitioner.
Since 2012 I have been working in my private clinic in Denmark. As part of my Work I am professional Life-style Consultant.

Harmony Health Center offers a holistic approach to health issues. We believe that health imbalances can be restored by assisting the bodys innate and natural ability to heal. We can help you and balance with treatments like massage, acupuncture, herbs and diet.