Cooking Lesson in Thorshavn 15/6-2015

Our next cooking lesson is all about energy . We shall learn how energy is produced in the body . We shall also look at reasons why energy is so easily lost . We shall learn about How to create energy and keep it on “safe deposit”

Our menu for this day will include food recipes for:
Strengthening Energy (Qi) , Yin (feminine aspect of the body ) Yang (masculine aspect of the body ) Strengthening the overall constitution of the body Strengthening Kidney Energy (Qi) ( the energy sours in the body , root of sexuality ) Strengthening lower back and knees Strengthening inherited constitutional energy.
Part 1 . Lecture
Part 2. Cooking together
Part 3. Dinner
Participants will get free biological age test that will show true body age.
Date : 15.06.15
Time : from kl.18.00 to kl. 21.00
Price : kr. 690

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