Let food be thy medicine

By Olga Kruse, march 2015

Olga Kruse and her son, a summer day in 2014

Constant itching. Skin eruption and sores all over my body. Vaginal yeast infection. Nightmares and poor sleep. A lack of energy. Signs of depression and low self-esteem. This was part of my everyday life a few years ago. But I refused to accept that these sufferings should remain a part of my life so I took up the fight – and today I have gotten the quality of life again! I now live a healthy life filled with energi and without these sufferings, hormon ointment and medicine.

It all started about nine years ago. First vaginal yeast infection, itching all over my body and then rash. And after about five years with increasing discomfort, a lack of energy and low self-esteem, I desided there had to be some way to become free of these sufferings. It affected my sleep, my everyday life, my work, my relationsship and so on. So I went to the doctor to take some tests. I received a number of pills and hormon ointment which helped for a short period of time before all the symptomes were back. And after months of testing I still hadn´t received an answer to my problems. The last thing the doctor told me was: “We don´t know what´s wrong with you – you need to find out yourself what is causing your poor quality of life.”
I was truly astonished by his last reply. I felt rejected. Helpless. What was I suppose to do now? Where should I start? It felt almost impossible because it was difficult to start using the discarding method when I didn´t have any idea what was making me sick.
That´s when I heard about Olga Hentze and her health clinic Harmony Health. I contacted her right away, explained my situation and asked if she could help me. Her answer was short and to the point: “Yes, I can. If you order a consultation I will show you what you need to do to get well again.” Halleluja! I thought – but still with a bit of scepticism. Could it be that she could help me when the National Health Service couldn´t give me any help worth mentioning?
I went to Harmony Health and got an analysis of my intire body. Olga Hentze asked me alot of questions about my lifestyle and my eating habits. Then she gave me instructions on what to eat, what not to eat and what I generally should do different in my everyday life. In addition to her instructions I got different kinds of herbs which I was told to boil in water, then discard the herbs from the water and drink it – yak! It did not taste good. But the results were overwhelmingl. After only 7-10 days I began to feel and see a difference. The itching wasn´t constant anymore and the skin eruption seemed to slowly diminish. I started sleeping better at night and after a few months I began noticing changes in my everyday life – I was happier and I had more energy. I almost coudn´t belive it. After so many years with these sufferings the key words were different eating habits and a changed lifestyle which made it possible for me to enjoy life again without constant itching and discomfort. But it was tough – really tough. Specially on the days where I had a little to much on my to-do list or when I just had a bad day. On those days I felt like giving up and thinking it didn´t matter anyway. And there were many days where I ate alot of tempting food and sweets which I knew I shoudn´t eat and that made the itching etc. come back and gave me a bad conscience. And so I had to start all over again. But deep inside this new lifestyle just felt right – that´s why I continued trying. And after three years of practising this new lifestyle and learning to listen to my body, I have gotten rid of the vaginal yeast infection, the itching and rash is gone and the will to take on new challenges is back! Although I need to mention that I sometimes eat food which I know isn´t good for my body and health – but now I can feel my body telling me, when it has had enough. And that makes it alot easier to keep living this new and healing lifestyle.
This has been a long journey and it has required alot of focus and endurance – but it´s all worth it!
By the incredible help from my closest family and friends and guidance from Olga Hentze (thank you all so much ♥), I have now passed the hardest part of my lifestyle change – unfortunately without any help from the National Health Service.
I can still improve alot of things in my life – and I´m taking one step at the time. But the most important thing is that I have regained the quality of life and energy and I´m heading in the right direction.

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