Painfull conditions

In Chinese medicine the single most important statment about pain is:

If there is pain, there is no free flow
If there is free flow, there is no pain

Therefore all pain is due to some mechanism adversely affecting the free flow of energy or blood.
After 30 years of working with different kinds of painful conditions I realised how true this statement is. I developed my own method of dealing with painful symtomps. I found this method are very effective in case of acute/chronic pain. I use it for different musculoskeletal disorders like Morbus bechterew, Gout, Fibromialgia, Osteoporosis, Rheumatiod Arthritis etc, and other forms of pain, lumber disc herniation, migraine headaches, menstrual pain etc.

This is how do i go about painfull conditions;

1. Trough consultation and physical examination i can find the pattern that contribute to pain
2. Trough Nutri-Energetic scaning i can see energy blokages in specific points that I can call trigger point and I get a clear picture of the total energetic balance of all system.
3. From summarising all data I find the best strategy in application of natural methods and self-help advice that people will do at home. The options varies and can include mapping of meridians massage, acupuncture, vaccum, herbs, diet, exercises and informational medicine- special energetic drops application (this helps to open energy blockages that very often becomes a trap of emotional conflicts within person). No two people are the same, no two options are the same.
4. The latest system that i am using is called Puls Electro-Magnetic field application. PEMF application works at the cellular level by improvement of the supply of nutrients to the cell and the flow of toxins out of the cell, which in turn improves ATP production, raises nitric-oxide levels and stimulates stem cell growth. This system allow healing at a much faster rate.

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